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[on pause] working on something awesome, be back soon!


Olivia Jeffers

April 30 · Issue #25 · View online

Welcome to Compassionate Technologies. Here you'll get a dose of real science and business in your inbox every Sunday morning. Why? Because cutting-edge research shouldn't be locked in an ivory tower. This newsletter covers the relationships between machine learning, robotics, genetic engineering, and climate science. It's all connected, and it's my passion to simplify and make clear those connections for all of you. Love, Olivia.

Dear readers,
I will be putting the newsletter on pause because I’m working on a few really cool things: setting up a Patreon page to financially support the newsletter, recording podcasts at PRX Podcast Garage, and an awesome new series on how technologies such as autonomous vehicles and industrial automation will affect working class Americans and the Chinese middle class.
As always, feel free to email me with questions and suggestions!
Love, Olivia

Thanks from Olivia :)
Happy Spring!
Happy Spring!
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